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Outsourcing since 2013 ...

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Outsourcing of production processes

We have vast experience in the outsourcing of production processes, including steel processing, locksmithing, assembly and welding works. We successfully support our clients in the construction industry by recruiting specialists and providing repair services.


Outsourcing of logistic processes

From the very beginning we offer packaging, co-packing, loading and unloading services. The qualifications obtained from the Office of Technical Inspection allow us to train our own team of forklift operators, this is a big advantage and facilitation for our Partners.


Temporary work, permanent recruitments

We analyze the needs of our partners and provide support on their short-term projects based on temporary work or permanently recruit specialists for them. We recruit permanently for various positions, including unqualified workers, warehouse specialists, forklift operators, fitters, locksmiths, welders, lathe operators, seamstresses, C + E category drivers etc.

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